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The Rotorua Pistol Club invites you to the King of Carbine Pistol Carbine Match

Match Information Sheet

Entry Fee:

  • $80.00 prior 4th February 2018, thereafter $100.00, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • No Money, No Entry.
  • No refunds (Regardless of reason).


  • Light lunch & drinks will be available for sale at the Range.
  • Free Tea & Coffee available all day


  • Shooting Pistol Carbine, Pistol Carbine Modified and Pistol Caliber Rifle Carbine, these shall be shot under IPSC rules as approve by PNZ.


  • Super Senior (Age is over 65)
  • Senior (Age is over 60)
  • Ladies
  • Junior

Must be a minimum of 4 Shooters for each Category before Category is recognised.


  • Pistol Carbine.
  • Pistol Carbine Modified
  • Pistol Caliber Rifle Carbine


  • Medals will be awarded to All Place Getters, in All Divisions, Grades and Categories.

Pistol Carbine Eligibility:

  • Must be a Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit of any manufacturer that holds a Production or Standard Class Pistol with limited modifications to pistol as per clause below.
  • The Pistol must be able to be removed from Carbine Conversion Kit without adding or removing any part and be instantly able to be shot.
  • Minimum Caliber 9mm.
  • Pistol must run standard length barrel on pistol fitted into Carbine Conversion Kit with only permitted modifications.
  • Maximum Magazine Capacity for any one Magazine must not exceed 32 rounds.
  • All Pistol Carbines will be required to be approved for use prior the start of any match. (This is to avoid cheap Airsoft copies being used that have been proven dangerous)

Modified Pistol Carbine Eligibility:

  • Any pistol or pistol frame (but not an AR Lower) that has a replacement top end that fits onto the standard pistol frame or a pistol that replaces the barrel length, both being fitted with a butt stock.
  • If the pistol description falls outside Pistol Carbine above and it’s not a Pistol Caliber Rifle Carbine, then it falls into this Division, Modified Pistol Carbine.
  • Maximum Magazine Capacity for any one Magazine must not exceed 32 rounds.

Pistol Caliber Rifle Carbine:

  • Any AR type lower receiver Rifle that is chambered for 9mm, 40S&W or 45ACP
  • Must been Minimum overall length of 762mm
  • Maximum Magazine Capacity for any one Magazine must not exceed 32 rounds.
  • No modification restrictions apply to this firearm.


The following pistol modifications are permitted on pistols fitted to any Carbine Conversion Kit both Pistol Carbine and Pistol Carbine Modified

  • Trigger Jobs.
  • Magwell.
  • Fitted Suppressor.

Note: On Pistol Carbine pistols when a suppressor is fitted, barrel adapters or barrel replacements are allowed for the purpose of fitting a suppressor, but must not exceed 1” (25mm) over standard barrel length of the pistol.

Modifications Not Permitted:

The following pistol modifications will not be permitted on pistols fitted to any Carbine Conversion Kit in both Pistol Carbine and Pistol Carbine Modified

  • Compensators or a Muzzle Break devise.

Division Clarification on Sighting Systems:

  • There are no separate Divisions for Dot or Iron sights. All compete together.
  • No Laser Sights.

Carbine Range Safety:

  • Camber Flags are Compulsory at all times and can only be removed under Range Officer Command.
  • No brass catches. (Unable to see if gun is cleared)
  • Slings can be used when shooting the match.
  • Pistol Carbines can be carried around Range un-bagged (bagged is ideal) with camber flag installed, but cannot be carried via slings flung off the shoulder

[RPC Committee has final decision on what is and what isn’t a Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit, based on disclosed information herewith, their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into]

The Match:

  • There will be 6-10 IPSC designed stages.
  • Stage designs will incorporate different target shape designs and the use of Clay Bird Targets, with variations in shooting procedures and some interesting Twists & Turns.
  • Carbines will require a touch mounted on the units
  • The Match is about Maximum Enjoyment & Fun.

Carbine Scoring System:

The following scoring system will apply to Carbines and shall replace that used in IPSC Rules for this match:


  • The scoring system shall be Time plus added Penalties
  • Using competitors actual stage shooting time, the following penalties are added to this time,
  • Penalties for inaccurate shots are:
    • One (1.5) second penalty per “C” hit.
    • Two (2.5) second penalty per “D” hit.
    • Five (5) Second penalty per miss.
    • Five (5) second penalty per procedural.
    • Five (5) second penalty per each fail to engage. (FTE)
    • Five (5) Seconds for all other penalties.
  • Add all penalties together with actual shooting time, this equals stage score.
  • All stage scores added together equals match score.

Scoring Example:

(Using 10 IPSC Targets, 20 Hits)

  • Time, let’s say 15.55 sec.
  • Target hits, let’s say 12 “A” zone hits (these are ignored totally) If by Shooting all “A” zone hits with no penalties, your actual shooting time ends up as your stage score.
  • All hits outside the “A” Zone count as Penalties.
    • Let’s say there was 5 x “C” hits (@ 1.5 second per hit), this equals a 7.5 second penalty
    • Then there was 2 x “D” hits (@ 2.5 second per hit), this equals a 5 second penalty
    • Finally there was 1 x miss (@ 5 seconds per miss) which equals a 5 second penalty
    • All Penalties are added together, count would be 17.50 seconds for this example.
    • Penalties then added to time. (15.55 seconds + 17.50 seconds of penalties)

Pistol Carbine Hire:

  • RPC has a small number of Pistol Carbine Conversion Kits for Hire at very reasonable rates, but are limited in the type of pistols that can be used for these Carbine Conversion Kits.

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