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Pistol Shooting – Competition Sport Pistol Shooting

Competition Sport Pistol Shooting is dynamic and exciting!

If you become a member of Rotorua Pistol Club (RPC) you will be able to shoot the 4 most action packed competition sport pistol shooting matches shot in New Zealand.

We have the best range facilities in the New Zealand, 33 ranges.

The matches that the Rotorua Pistol Club specialises in are;

  1. IPSC   (practical shooting)
  2. Steel Challenge   (speed steel shooting)
  3. Service Pistol   (target shooting within specific times)
  4. Pistol Carbine   (pistol fitted into a carbine pistol frame, use in both speed and practical shooting)

Interested in an Invitation to Visit the Club?

If you would like an invitation to visit our club so you can have a look around and see for yourself what a fantastic club it would be to belong too.

Then fill out the form under “MEMBERSHIP” – Contact Us and we will make contact with you to arrange a visit to the club.

We promise you, you’ll not be disappointed.

Otherwise, this is how it works to become a member

  1. Make application. (see details on this page) and upon acceptance you are then required to meet the following criteria.
  2. You must hold a current firearms license.
  3. You must attend a minimum of 12 shoots within a six month probationary period.
  4. During which time you must complete the training and safety courses.
  5. Once above is completed to the satisfaction of the training officials, the RPC committee will approve your application for an endorsed, B Category Pistol licence.
  6. You then apply for your B category endorsement via RPC, NZ Police and Pistol NZ. (Committee will assist with this process).

So, if you’re now ready to become a member?

This is what you do;

  1. Fill in our membership application form.  “download here-ApplicationForm2023”
  2. Email the application to Club Secretary at:
  3. Upon receipt of approval of your application Rotorua Pistol Club will supply you with a new member pack.

New members will be provided with the following;

  • RPC Policies and Procedures
  • Pistol NZ Shooters Handbook
  • RPC Induction and Training Booklet
  • RPC Attendance Card
  • RPC Range Standing Orders (RSO’s)
  • Information on the process of becoming endorsed to own a pistol

The Club Captain will arrange for a club visit and induction.

Maintaining Your Pistol License

In order to retain your B-category Pistol license, you must attend a minimum of 12 club events per calendar year.

We look forward to seeing you at our range!

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